book reports, halloween costumes

Ryan has to do a book report every month. Each month, they are given a different genre of book to choose from. Last month it was fiction, this month it is biography. Not only do they have to do the book report, they have to give it orally! And there is the added feature of something creative combined with this all. Last month, they had to make a t-shirt design showing the main characters on the front and a scene on the back. (Ryan chose the book Matilda by Roald Dahl and since the illustration were not in color, his t-shirt had no extra color as well.)

This month, they have to choose a biography. I asked Ryan who he would like to read about knowing that there is a series of books his level about US Presidents. Ryan picked his favorite president, Richard Nixon. (I have NO idea why but interesting to note that Nixon was Gail's favorite president but seeing as Gail died before Ryan was 3, that knowledge was not passed from father to son.) Getting the book was easy. Here comes the hard parts. First of all, they have to write the report in first person narrative. Ryan has to pretend that he is the president! Can he even do this? And, AND! since the report is due October 31, he has to dress up like the character so he can walk in the book character parade.

Makeup and masks are not allowed which means Ryan has to wear a suit. He doesn't have a suit and I see no reason for him to own one in the next 8 years.

So I look inline and fine cheap suits for $50 and up. I think about goodwill but don't want to hazard into those neighborhoods. I think again about just buying a suit figuring that it's about the cost of a Halloween costume. But first I check a nearby consignment shops and find a suit coat. I check more shops and find nothing. I had forgotten that there is a goodwill store not too far from me and I go inside. It depresses me and I want to go home and donate all of my kids clothes. I had see that Target carries suits online and went in to find only dress pants. OK, I'll get the pants and go back for the suit coat. What color was that coat? Fine, I get one pair of black pants and one pair of navy and will return the wrong color.

The suit coat is supposed to be navy but we will see in the light of day. But really, he is a 4th grader who will wear red & orange stripe shirt with blue plaid shorts.

Luckily, I don't have to worry about a costume for Andy as his class is doing some Alphabet book. But there are only 8 kids and I'm pretty sure there are 26 letters in the alphabet.