Andy knows and he is whining. He is realizing that we are probably not going to the cottage this summer. I feel bad for him but I just can't commit to going when the little one still won't poop on the potty. Even Andy is not 100% independent. I have to wipe his bum and he still has accidents. I do not want to drag all that through 3 days of driving.

I talked with Ryan last night. Telling him he had to stop messing his pants started today if we are to go up at all this summer. Two weeks of pooping in the potty then we can go up for 2 weeks. Not that I really want to go up at this point. New product is coming in and I still have lots of things to do around the house. But I will go up if he manages this next step.

And I will hook up the Wii. I know, it's been sitting here for almost a week, still in the box. But the boys don't ask and it's not all that easy to set up, no plug and play.

Furthermore, I have threatened Ryan that if he can't manage to poop in the potty by the time he turns 9, he will have to wash his own messy pants. He doesn't like that idea at all.

I wish I could get into his brain and understand.