Did you do your chores?

He's too smart for his own good!The boys have daily tasks. Pick up a specific toy type and put them away. Do it 10 tens and earn a prize. I don't nag them and occasionally they do it.Then I had to do start a new rule, no movie unless you do your task for the day. Works for Andy. He doesn't even need to be reminded. He will come to me and tell me he pick up animals or put away games which is how he asks to watch a movie. Cool!But Ryan never asks to watch the movie. In fact, he will act upset when Andy turns it on and shuts the bedroom door so he can't hear. But soon, he has joined Andy and neglected his task for the day. For awhile, he was fascinated by iPhoto so that was his incentive. But I put photos on his computer so I could free up my own. So really, why do the task?This morning, I get dressed and come out of my bedroom to see Ryan by the garage door saying, "There are no more car keys." Huh? What are you doing? Turns out that he saw that Andy had earned another 10 points and was due a prize. Last time, I had the prizes in the car where they were safe from prying eyes. But since school is out and the boys are in the car 2-3 times a week, I moved them.What is interesting is that Andy didn't realize he had the points until Ryan told him about it. Then whined about not having enough points himself. Ryan has the list memorized. He knows which days he has to pick up trains, so on the other days, he plays with trains and leaves them until the next day he has to pick them up. And if he has to pick up potato parts today, he won't play with them today. Sneaky that one is.