Picky or stubborn?

The oven is not working. The stovetop is but not the oven. It's gas and if I knew how to light it I would. I have tried by sticking in a lit lighter (the long ones) into various hole in the oven and hoping it would light. Nothing. Though Bonnie laughed when she thought I was being very brave and picturing a whoom! where I would lose my eyebrows.Anyway, this is a problem. The boys eat chicken nuggets each night and they are baked. The package says they can be microwaved by I know this would be gross. I figure pan frying would be good as I just need to warm them up. Andy comes in and gives me the eye like I am playing with voodoo. He won't eat the chicken but Ryan does. This was Saturday. I had put off calling knowing that no one could come on the weekend and not thinking it was an emergency to pay the costs.I forgot about this morning. We have biscuits on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Yes, we are creatures of habit. I can't cook biscuits on the stove top nor in the microwave. So I pull out the bagels. Andy won't eat them even though he has no problem on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays & Saturdays.I called today and the repairman will be here tomorrow.