speaking their currency

When negotiating with kids, it's important to know their currency. WHAT will make them do something you want or make them STOP doing something you don't want? It's hard to know with my boys. Maybe with any kids. Seems like what works one week, will not work the next. You have to constantly renegotiate the terms. UGH!

Ryan was enthusiastic to do his chores/tasks for the points. Then he slacked off. I had to threaten no more scrapping. Then he goes over the edge and claims he will never scrap again, EVER!

Andy told me he DID his task so he could watch the movie. He didn't. I don't think he actually meant to lie but only said what he knew would work to get what he wanted.

It might be easier to do the cleaning myself but then again my back can't handle it and they wouldn't learn anything.