double digits!

Andy is 10 years old today! Amazing how the time has passed. He is a big boy, 4' 10, 90 pounds. He is smart and he is lazy. It's a struggle to get him to do work at school. He'd rather ride his bike, play his piano, watch DVDs, play with his game cube. Typical kid things. Though hardly the typical boy. He used up the last diaper the other. He hasn't pooped since. The kid has way too much control over his body and is stubborn as hell. It's not going to be pretty when he finally has to go.Today was Ryan's visit to the dentist. He didn't better than last time but he still hates it. He is so sensitive to taste and is so quick to gag and puke. A few times it was close. He was calm when he had had enough. He didn't scream or cry but say it was bad. I knew not push and I'm sure the dentist and techs thought I was a pushover. But I would rather back off than have to calm him down later.With Ryan being out of school for the rest of the day, I knew Andy would NOT want to be on the bus alone. So I said I would pick him up. But I couldn't find the car rider sign and had to get a new one which put us farther back in the line. Ryan was bored waiting so long. Once we got Andy, we went to Publix for balloons. It was the one thing Andy wanted. He got 2, Cars & Thomas and I let Ryan get one. He first picked out this HUGE one that played music when you knocked it about. "I can't get the princess one because it is only for girls." You can get it if you want. He chose not only the Disney princess balloonn but one shaped like a heart. hmm...We came home and let Andy get the rest of his gifts. Books from Aunt Nancy, cards and cash from Uncle Greg and Uncle Steve, and a really nice handmade card from Susan. (OK the Baskin Robbins gift card? That for me. :P ) I got him some more books and Slinky Dog. But the most favored seems to be the balloons. When will I learn? ;) Happy Birthday Andy!